Three Techniques For Generating Publicity For Your Business

When your goal is to grow your business, one of the most important things you can do is spend time learning how to generate publicity for your organization. The key to getting publicity for your company is to develop and implement a sound public relations plan that focuses on activities designed to attract positive media attention to the activities of your business.

Three of the best techniques for generating publicity include:

1. Special Events

Hosting a special event is a great way to generate publicity for your company. There are many ways to generate free publicity for events that are open to the public. Many websites and newspapers have special sections dedicated to community events, and you can submit information about any events that you have scheduled for publication consideration.

For example, if you are opening a new location, you might want to consider holding a ribbon cutting ceremony. Even if you aren’t moving, you can schedule an open house event. While the news media aren’t likely to attend the actual event, any pre-event publicity that you generate can boost your business, and you will enjoy the added benefit of giving customers and prospective customers a good excuse to visit your business.

2. Public Speaking Engagements

Most civic and professional organizations schedule speakers for their weekly or monthly meetings. Come up with an idea for an interesting topic that is related to your business offer to speak to local organizations such as Kiwanis, Rotary, the American Business Women’s Association, and others.

The speaking engagement itself will give you an opportunity to make contacts and let a new group of people know about your company. You are also likely to find your name in print before the meeting, as most organizations distribute news releases announcing upcoming speakers to the local media and in print speaker bios in their own newsletters.

3. Cause Marketing

Pick your favorite non-profit organization and do something that benefits the charity. By aligning with a non-profit, you are able to do something for the good of the community. This positions you as a good corporate citizen in your area, which can have a positive impact on your image.

The news media in most communities tend to look very favorably upon activities that benefit charitable organizations. When you engage in promotional activities that directly benefit well-known, reputable nonprofit organizations, you may receive positive press as a result of your efforts.

By no means are these the only ways of generating publicity for your company. There are many different ways to generate publicity for all types of businesses. The first step in creating the perfect public relations plan for your company is to learn everything that you can about different means of garnering positive press for your company.

Minority Women in Business

Women have historically struggled to have a professional career or own a business. Of all women who want to have a professional career or own a business with professional level income, minority women have had the most challenges. Most of us know some very famous women of minority, such as Oprah Winfrey, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Lopez, or Connie Chung. But there are a growing number of minority women in professional careers, and owning their own successful business.

Richelle Shaw is one of these successful minority women. She was the only African American woman to own a public utility in the nation, and built it up to a multi-million dollar company. Then in the 911 event, her business was destroyed. In less than a year, she built it up to a multi-million dollar company again.

How did she build up her business so successfully? She learned from and avoided the most common mistakes in business. These are:

1) Lack of focus in critical areas (be aware of your business, customers, and time),
2) Taking any and all customers (be decisive and target a market),
3) No documented system for your business (Have a system for recording hourly wages, sales, referrals, and follow ups),
4) Using your website as a big business card (Use your website to generate revenue), and
5) Forgetting to properly thank customers (Show appreciation to your patrons).

These lessons to avoid and other lessons to follow are discussed in her book, “How to Build a Million Dollar Business in Las Vegas, Without the Casinos”

I had the fortune to hear her speak not just once, but twice, and she not only is definitely worth listening to and learning from, she is also a big inspiration to all women who want to be professional or who want to own their own business, minority women or not.

Women in Business Online: 6 Simple Ways to Promote Your Business in 10 Minutes or Less

Time and moneyare two of the most coveted resources we as entrepreneurs posses. When they are limited we need to get creative. Some people call this bootstrapping.

But first, a mindset shift to consider…

You may believe your business success is based on what you do and the difference you make for others. That’s only half true because if nobody knows about you and your brilliance, you can’t make a living doing what you love.

You’ve got to embrace marketing as the driving force of your business. It is the bridge between your gifts and the clients who need you.

Think of it this way…

Effective marketing is like a seed for a fruit tree.Repetition is its water. Weekly consistency is its sunlight. The longer your seed is allowed to grow in the mind of the public, the greater and greater your harvests will be. The important question is what size harvests do you want to see?

Here are 6 surprisingly simple and affordable ways to share your business message in a bigger way…each takes less than 10 minutes. Do one, do them all. The key is to do something EVERY day. No excuses – right!?

1) Use to record a 3 to 5 minute tip message and share via social media channels.

2) Forward your recording to your VA to be transcribed and posted in print form on your blog and article marketing platforms. Once your content is repurposed in this way it can drive traffic 24/7.

3) Now that you have new content on your blog – use a wordpress plugin like tweetmeme to notify your networks that new content has been posted.

4) Contact your business supporters and ask for their help to share the new content. They could share through social media or post a comment to add to and encourage conversation with your community.

Tip: if you always go out of your way to share their stuff – without being asked – this builds social equity that you can draw upon when your message needs a boost too.

5) Reach out to connect with someone in your social networks at a deeper level. This could be a follow up to a joint venture call or a new connection that you haven’t connected with by phone yet. Contact them and schedule a time to meet by phone. (Do this at least once a week and by the end of the year you’ll have 50+ new connections who can support your success).

6) Now, while you’re on the phone, gather fascinating facts about this person. Who do you know that would be a logical, relevant connection for this person? Make the connection/introduction today. Tell them what you discovered they share in common and the value that you envision they can bring to each other.

Let’s take this up a notch (or ten) with a bonus take action tip:

Create a list of three to five additional 10-minute marketing activities that are fun and motivating to you. Ones you actually enjoy doing. Schedule implementation time in your calendar as a recurring appointment (or delegate immediately). Next, create another list of three to five marketing activities that you recognize are essential but you don’t really enjoy doing them. Delegate these to your assistant as daily or weekly recurring marketing actions.

Get the magic of consistency and repetition working in your favor. You’ll be amazed how this will shift your marketing results quickly.